Turkish Pavilion

Turkish Pavilion, Tower Grove Park

Friday, we returned to Tower Grove Park. It had been quite a while since last we walked there. Plus, it had been a while since we had seen the sun, making our walk doubly enjoyable. I brought along the drone, while Anne looked for birds. I love being able to photograph again all of the sights around town from a new angle. Several of the pavilions were hosting costume parties, where people kind of, sort of maintained a social distance. With no wind to speak of and the temperature in the mid-fifties, it made for a very pleasant day.

Today, Halloween, the weather is expect to be even finer and we plan on getting out to a park again to enjoy it. This year, we have elected not to participate in today’s pagan holiday. Instead, we’ll draw the shades and hunker down. Today’s word for the day, latibulate, tells it all. It means to hide in a corner in an attempt to escape reality. That is not to say that a few little goblins won’t ring our bell in an attempt to exorcise us from any devilish candy. I’ll miss seeing the little ones all decked out, their corny jokes or their stage fright when they try to utter those magic words, “Trick or Treat!” These are scary times that we are living in now.

With a year like this one, you don’t need stories of some fanciful and frightening dystopian future to entertain yourself with. 2020 has all of that covered. Just, read the news. That will make your hair stand up. You may have goblins and ghosts, Freddy and Jason, but none of those old tropes scare me, because I’ve got politics and plague and if they don’t scare the bejesus out of you, I don’t know what will. I hope and pray that we make it through this year and to the next, because even with a full moon tonight, things are looking pretty dark out.

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