Scratch Three Flattops


The weather gods accommodated us today and we had a full day of drone flying. We went to Goose Poop Park also-known-as Rotary Park or simply the park next to Clyde’s. Offshore, in-between the park and Sugar Island there is a narrow pair of channels that the big boats ply. Yesterday’s gale must of caused quite a few boats to hove to, because there was a steady stream of them both upbound and downbound. Dan and Britt managed to film three of them, before their batteries gave out. Speaking of which, I tried charging them, but it appears that I burnt out a fuse in the RAV4 in doing this. Oh no, Dan’s new baby hurt my new baby!

Cason J Callaway

In order of appearance there were the Ojibway (note Clyde’s and the Sugar Islander), Cason J Callaway (storms to the south, in the distance) and the Manitoulin (yellow booms that Anne thought might be for ice control, winter is coming), two Canadian and one American boat. They were all ore boats with relatively flat decks, hence the title. The Ojibway was upon us almost before we were ready. The Callaway offered a master’s salute, the Manitoulin offered three short blasts, which mean β€œI am operating astern propulsion.”  More succinctly, get our of my way! I’m sure that the master’s salute was for the Sugar Island ferry and the three short were probably for it too, but it could have been for the drone. Each encounter only lasted about ten minutes, but we end up spending most of the day hanging out at the park and flying. Heated seats helped a lot.


There was another drone operator in the park, but our rush to film the first ship must of scared him off or maybe it was drone envy. There were also two eagles hanging out, but they left the drone alone. Anne’s job was to be on bird patrol and what a good job that she did. We ate Clyde’s in the park, all the while fending off the seagulls. After Dan and Britt called it a wrap, we headed off to Meijer’s. I have given up on Shipt, at least in the Soo and ended up doing the shopping myself. It wasn’t that bad. It’s a big store with wide aisles and few people at checkout. I think that all of the Shipt shoppers have departed for the summer. We also visited Tractor Feed and Supply for a new woodpile tarp. Speaking of the woodpile, Harry’s check for the wood came and was deposited. I think that we should have discounted the cost of the new wood, because now I feel that we are busily burning up his other daughter’s inheritances. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Please don’t burn all the wood (but aren’t you glad I asked how much there was left, so it could be ordered?) I will need some in late Sept/Oct!

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