Million Dollar Cabin

Sunset Reflections

Million Dollar Beach House is the new reality show that is now trending on Netflix. Although it is doing OK, critics are comparing it less than favorably to its more successful predecessor, Selling Sunset, another reality-realty offering from Netflix. In this showbiz duel for property value realization, it is the Left-Coast versus the Right, Hollywood versus the Hamptons. I would like to suggest a third alternative, as in the third coast. Sure, along these lakeshores are similar gold coasts, with the Zillow property evaluations to compete, but who really wants a three-peat? If you are going to go Midwestern then you might as well go rustic. That’s what we are best known as anyway. You’ve seen beach houses and cottages, why not a million-dollar cabin in the woods? And can I talk to you about sunsets? We have sunsets, big beautiful ones and almost every day. If you happen to be a morning person, the other side of the lake offers complementary sunrises. Who needs left-right coasts, we’re ambidextrous? That’s my elevator pitch. I’ve skated over the whole glam thing or lack thereof that was featured in the other two shows. I say bring on the beautiful people, show them chopping wood, hauling water or just using the outhouse. Believe me when I say that it will all sell well. With the pandemic shutdown of movie and TV production the need for show ideas will generate a tidal wave that even this pitch could ride. If anyone needs an aerial flyover of prospective properties, I have a team for you.

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  1. Don’t forget about the great shoreline footage! Plus the natural surroundings! And being able to experience 3 seasons in July & August! (Don’t say anything about the winters, however, until they’ve been hooked!)

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