Momma Merganser and Her Ten Little Ones

I’m copying here what Anne wrote about the squirrel today: Update on the squirrel. It was calmer than it has been and we heard squirrel 🐿 noises. Couldn’t tell if it was outside the roof or not. But alas, no sign when one of us went outside. So I went up to the loft. I didn’t turn on a light, but could see light coming up from the spaces around the rafters. Checked downstairs and confirmed I was seeing the gaps in the main room. Hmm… Not long after this, I heard the squirrel again on the porch side. Was watching from the main room, and sure enough, it came out one of the rafter holes near the wall, ran across my corner quilt along the top log in the wall and went into a hole on the kitchen side. So, I’ve seen it run across the loft 4 times and once across the main room.

To this I can add that I re-baited all the traps. I had baited the two mousetraps incorrectly, putting the peanut-butter on the wrong side of the trigger that allowed the mice to lick off all the good stuff, without springing the trap. Hopefully it will work better this new way. The rat trap had been sitting idle, but I’ve put it back into the game too. It already has four mouse notches. One more and it’s an ace. That’s enough rodent reporting for one day.

We dragged the canoe down to the lake and headed around Cedar Point. We saw a Bald Eagle or two or maybe the same one twice. Got pictures too. Maybe tomorrow. We also saw a rock with thirteen mergansers on it. Not the ones pictured. By the time I got a picture of them, most had flown off, but I did capture a few skimming and splashing across the water. Great action shot!

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