Superior Sunset

Superior Sunset

Here at the cabin everything is oriented towards the lake. The lakeside porch is called the front porch. I suppose, because it fronts on the lake. 😉 How’s that for circular logic? This porch has a door, but I always think of it as the back door and the other end of the cabin as the real front door. I suppose that back in the day there must’ve been a time before you drive here, before there was even a road here that the only way you could get here was by boat. In that time, it would come naturally to call the lakeside the front.

The cabin faces west, giving us spectacular sunsets in the evening. Morning sunrises are a more muted affair, with the sunlight first filtered through the trees. Mornings here are less a visual than an auditory one. One first hears the approaching dawn through calls of the seagulls on their nearby island. So, it is left to the setting sun to do all of the heavy lifting.

I have not been able to get the roofer to return my calls and answer my questions, so I still have Harry’s check. It has been a couple of days since we last saw or heard the squirrel. Maybe it found a way out? Maybe in a few weeks Jane will find it still inside?

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