Navel Gazing

Images of Buddha

There is something about waking up to rain that puts the whole day in neutral. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice rain, nice and steady and it hung around all day and the next, but now I need for it to leave. Rain, rain go away, come again another day. I can actually see the grass growing. Getting longer and shaggier than a quarantined hair line, but it is too wet out to do anything about it today.

It looks like we will attempt a summer vacation. Plans are being made to go to the cabin, serially. There will be no big convocation of the clan this year. The boys are anxious to escape their corona hot spots and will go first. Anne and I will eventually follow. Spacing things out some. Everybody will be driving separately. Stay tuned for more. Apparently, Indiana is practicing some negative messaging and has erected a couple of billboards, one on I-69, north of Fort Wayne. It reads, “Now Entering Michigan—Really? You’re Sure About This?”

HBO launched its new service yesterday, HBO Max. In addition to its normal catalog, parent company Warner had delved deep into its catalog of movies and TV shows and now offers a host of classic gems. Perfect for a rainy day.

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