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Blog Log, Day… Honestly, who’s keeping track anymore? All the days have run together and become like a blur. I think that it is still May. It must be Saturday, because I made avocado toast for breakfast and I always do that on Saturday. Except, I sometimes make it at other times too and the avocados did need to be used. No, it definitely must be Saturday. Back at the beginning, when we all first started self-isolating, it was easy to count the days. You could even do it on one hand, but that seems so long ago now. What month was that that we began to hide ourselves? I think that it was March. Or was it April? I can’t remember.

Time weighs more heavily on some than on others. I now enjoy a pleasant, if somewhat detached existence. Instead of planning out life, I live day-to-day. I am content to simply plan out the day. It wasn’t always like this. I can still remember when I used to carefully plan elaborate campaigns that were so complex that they would need a spreadsheet to keep track of. In the future, when we look back upon this time, what will we remember? Other than the incessant handwashing. Will we remember the loneliness?

Yesterday, our back fence neighbors held a little lawn party. It was small, just another couple and the couple that lives there. Still, I was jealous of their bit of comradery. I first noticed them, while I was fixing dinner. I had the kitchen door open and the view out that door afforded me a clear line-of-sight into the going ons across the fence. After dinner, while I was doing the dishes, I could still hear them talking and laughing together. They were still at it until well after dark.

We walk almost every day. It is more like a promenade, in that in addition to the exercise, we go out to see and be seen. The other day, we explored a new locale for our stroll. We went to Tillis park. I had a prescription to pick up at a nearby Walgreens. One that had a drive up window. I had tried to get the drugs delivered, but they require refrigeration, so the pharmacy wouldn’t do it. When the boys were young, Tillis is where we used to take them for summer day camp. I don’t think that they much liked that camp, because they were always so glad when we showed up to take them home. There was no air conditioning there and it could get awfully hot during the summer. It hasn’t got warm yet this year and with all of the rain that we have had, for the first time I noticed how many sinkholes are in this park. In the summer, they are just dry depressions, but now everyone of them has a pond at its bottom and quite a few of them have geese too. Once around the parkour was more than enough for us.

This has been kind of a rambling blog post. Lots of words without much to say. I could claim that this is the new normal, but that would be a lie. I used to churn out similar dribble back before the pandemic. Maybe something will happen tomorrow? Then again, maybe not. Stay tuned. Such are the days of our lives.

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  1. Our biggest decision most days is when to walk (when are Jay’s meetings), and where to walk. Today we are in Wallingford.
    We did have a socially distanced gathering yesterday when Carl’s 2 baseball buddies came over to have a beer or 2. Or 3. Luckily we have space. We cleaned and sanitized before they arrived, and after they left.

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