Here’s to the Class of 2020!

Reviewing the MRH Graduating Class of 2020

Bike ride yesterday, at the end of the “long weekend.” We first headed to the high school. Anne had heard that a virtual graduation celebration had been put up, honoring this year’s graduating seniors. On the way over we met fellow bikers and neighbors, Phil and Mary. This time we were on our bikes, usually it is the other way around. Pictured is Anne reviewing the placards erected for each graduating senior. Anne has been teaching in the district long enough that she has likely taught every single one of them and likely first when they were in kindergarten and again in many grades after that.

After the high school, we rode down Manchester Ave., through the Maplewood business district. Most of the stores were closed, but enough essential ones were open that if we had driven, parking would have been a problem. There is a new Maplewood sign going up in the park across from the Landmark bank building. Maplewood is spelled out, with individual signs for each letter. They are placed in a staggered fashion, in two parallel rows, such that as I approach the display, I couldn’t tell what was written. It was still under construction, so when it is done, I’ll swing by again and take a photo of it.

We headed next to the park and rode around it. Jumping the fences of the closed off sections of roadway was again a pain. On the way back, two motorcycles had snuck into this closed off section, but they skedaddled out of there pretty fast. This being the “short weekend” now, we’ll likely stay closer to home today. Anne is having some difficulties getting her head wrapped around this enforced trial run on retirement. She is still trying to get used to the idea that not much gets done each day, but it still takes all day to do it.

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