Dodged a Bullet

Bullet through Apple, Harold Edgerton, 1964

I dodged a bullet today, when I realized in the nick-of-time that an email I had received, purporting to be a receipt from the Apple Store, was in fact a spear-phishing attack. Said email claimed that I had signed up for a trial subscription to the Lifetime network. Really? Lifetime?? It said that after the free one-week trial offer, I would be charged $30 a month. The email contained a referencing link that I clicked on. It asked for my Apple ID login, which I entered and then I was told that my account was locked and was transferred to another page that asked for all sorts of personal information. It was only when I got to the line asking for my social security number that I got suspicious. I did not provide that nor the credit card info that was also asked for either. It was then that I noticed that the page’s URL looked suspicious too. I closed it all down, googled Apple and successfully logged into my real Apple account. I knew by then that even though I had divulged my Apple ID login info everything was still OK, because my Apple account is protected by a two-step authentication process. After I enter my user and password info, I got a texted code on my phone to enter, to complete the login process. I went ahead and changed my Apple ID password anyway. It just goes to show that in addition to the coronavirus, there are still all of the other thing to watch out for in life, like internet scammers.

2 thoughts on “Dodged a Bullet

  1. I get two or three a week. Some have sophisticated graphics, and look legitimate. Others are redirects from friends, family and neighbors. It’s the URL that gives them away. Vigilance!

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