Set Calls

LA Wall Art

Dan called us with some grand news about his future job prospects. I am of course sworn to secrecy and cannot divulge anything about his set dressing work in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. There, gone is the Navy and all of its ships, except what might someday appear on the silver screen or much more likely on a TV at home. The place is as much a factory as it ever was, but now its products are the stuff of dreams. It hosts dozens of studios that support even more shows. He told us a story about the mogul who is the place’s landlord. Driving around NYC he saw an interesting building that intrigued him as a future set and he wanted to buy it, only to be told by a production assistant that he already owned the place.

Dan has been making daily early AM set calls, where he has been building this super great [Deleted] and [Censored] set, with all of this interesting [Deleted] themed scenery. Take my word for it, it sounded fantastic. Dan reads this blog and knows me all too well. I think that I have stayed in between the lines here.

He likes the job’s money, but not its early call time. One of the perks of the job is the union contract mandated food spread. Mostly the food has been fabulous, but this week they even ran out of coffee, which could be an occupational hazard when you couple sleep deprivation with the operation of power saws.

Dan’s big news had nothing to do with any of his NYC gigs, but with a new opportunity that he has just landed back in La-La-Land. He will participate in a reality TV series as a supervising carpenter. This show is a furniture design competition, where he will monitor the contestants for safety and assist them when necessary. He might even appear on screen. This six week gig is scheduled to begin at the end of this month. He is looking forward to reconnecting with his LA friends and then maybe even making it north again to Monterey too.

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