Torc-ed Off

Torcs from the Snettisham Hoard

Snettisham is a East Anglia village in modern England. In 1948 an Iron Age treasure hoard was discovered there. The treasure is thought to have been buried around 75 BC, which preceded the arrival of the Romans. Much of the hoard consists of golden torc jewelry. These stiff neck rings were worn by Briton leaders as a symbol of their position. Many of the torcs found were broken, leading archeologists to believe that they were buried as votive offerings.

Speaking of treasure, I filed our taxes last week. We’ll be getting a federal refund, but not as large as in past years. We will again have to pay on our state return, but again not as large as in the past. Bottom-line, I’m starting to get the hang of filing our retiree tax returns, with its different revenue stream.

Yesterday, I got out on my bicycle, for the first time in a while. It felt good. The weather was already beginning to turn. Our brief winter warm-up was coming to an end. A winter storm warning is now in the offing for tonight. I’m not really torqued off about anything, I just thought that it made for a cute blog post tittle. 

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