Choreographed Clocks

Time is the subject of the artwork, The Clock-Clock. Composed of twenty-four analog clocks, whose hands spin randomly every minute, until coming to rest and coalescing into a digital representation of the current time. In this case, the time is 13:35. Created by a group that calls itself Humans since 1982. This duo consists of the artists Per Emanuelsson and Bastain Bischoff. They describe their art like this, “information—like time—is transformed into an abstraction, an ever-changing pattern made by choreographed clocks.” The Clock-Clock is on display at the Nashville 21c museum-hotel.

Time marches on, just a wee bit slower at this time of the year than at other times. The end draws nigh, as the doomsday clock was adjusted to a hundred seconds before midnight. Its closest approach ever. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking as the tipping point for global warming approaches and a self absorbed Nero fiddles on Twitter all day, while Australia burns.

The timing on our trip to Nashville was perfect, tightly shoehorned in-between two winter storms. We left right after the first storm hit and returned home just before the second. Neither storm was really all that much to deal with, but would have been a hazard with travel. Now it is a dreary winter’s day, causing time to pass slowly and for me to dream of warmer weather. This weekend, Saint Louis preps itself to host the NHL All-Star game, another benny from winning the Stanley Cup last season.

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