Mums the Word

Mums the Word

Yesterday, was cold, but sunny, as opposed to today’s cold and dreary. I took advantage of yesterday’s dry weather to get out and visit the gardens. It was practically empty. The strings of holiday lights were still up, as attendants labor to take them down. I made a beeline for the oasis that is the Climatron, an island of lush tropical splendor in an otherwise ordinary winter world. My glasses always fog immediately, upon entering this geodetic humid hot house. What’s worse is that so does my camera’s lens. My glasses always acclimate quickly, but is seems to take forever for the camera to do the same. Eventually though it does and the photography can commence. Adjacent to the Climatron is the Mediterranean House, which is less warm and much less humid. The pictured potted mums were also left over from the holidays.

In-between the Climatron and the Mediterranean House is a children’s play area and in this area is a terrarium. This sign was displayed there, along with several boxes of roach hotels. I guess the staff had gotten fed up with them. Exiting the buildings, I toured the far reaches of the garden, getting my steps in for the day.

Eviction Notice

Friday, we awoke to no school. It was a snow day or sleet day or ice day. Which one? I don’t know. Probably all of the above, but as of late morning there had been no precipitation. The new school superintendent is way more liberal with the granting of snow days than the old one was. Anne woke up with her undies all in a bunch, because of all the things she could not get done, because of the unexpected snow day. The water company has taken a holiday too. Except for one guy, who must not have gotten the memo. I’m heading out now to the grocery store, to load up on milk, eggs and bread, because that’s a thing here.

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