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Tuesday dawned bright and clear. Not that this should indicate that we weren’t still under a winter storm warning, because it brought still another snow day. Anne continued to craft. We re-dug out and I made it to the store and Anne drove the new car for the first time to PT. Today, school finally opened again.

I turned on NPR this morning, but it didn’t take me long to tire of the debate over Trump’s impeachment. He should just quit, like Nixon did. Instead, I took advantage of the new car’s trial subscription to Sirius XM satellite radio. I can stream it on the computer and eventually, I’ll get around to loading the app on my phone. There is something for everyone on this network. I’m not sure how many channels there are, except that it is in the hundreds. I’ll probably signup for a subscription once this trial period expires, especially if I can get the one-year introductory rate. Being a satellite based system it should come in pretty handy out in the desolate wilds of the west this summer. Where we will be far from any radio, at least far from any stations of note.

The new car also came with a vestigial Internet connection. I say vestigial, because the trial period’s data allowance is about what we go through in a week on our phones. Still, it could be useful. The Internet service is through Verizon and we are on AT&T, which will likely make it expensive. However, out west Verizon has much better coverage than AT&T does and having it, at least through the summer could be useful. Anyway, I might not have any choice. The car has already updated its software once and I suspect that the Internet connection is required for that purpose alone. Can’t have the new car hacked.

I got the new car Weather Tech floor mats, just in time for this last snowstorm. It took me longer than I had expected it would to clean the floor carpeting after the just one week on ownership. I cringe thinking what the carpeting would have looked like sans mats after this last storm.

We’re still exploring the new car’s many features. I’m sure that there are many that we have yet to discover. While it has been too cold to use the moon roof, we’re both loving the heated seats. Normally, we run them only on low, because when they’re set to high, it really burns my butt. Finally, Joanie swung by yesterday with an early Christmas present, a telescoping ice scraper and snow brush. It looks like it will come in handy this winter for those hard to reach spots, like the middle of the roof.

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