Silk Floss Tree Trunk

You would not want to try to shimmy down this tree trunk. In is in the Climatron, at the Botanical Gardens, where we enjoyed a perfect Sunday afternoon. It was super bright out, with not a cloud in the sky. This weather brought out the photographers in droves. There were crowds of them. There were wedding photogs, maternity and baby ones too. Then there were people like Anne and I, people taking pictures of the garden as other than a backdrop. The gardeners have been busy in the few weeks since we were last at the gardens. All of the water lilies are gone, along with their floating Chihuly globes. Quite a few of the beds have already been turned. One would think that they’ve been prepping for the next season of Game of Thrones, as in, winter is coming. That was hard to believe on a day like this one.

We ate lunch at the garden, vegetarian naturally. We split sandwich halves, of the kale grilled cheese and the mushroom Ruben variety, chased with humongous side salads made from garden greens. Ahead of us at the order counter were a family of four, mom, dad, brother and sis. Brother and sis were going at in a very loud manner, while mom and dad tried to ignore them. I turned to Anne and said, “And on your day off.” She later said that she was this close to going into full teacher mode. She had been planning to use her latest call and response chant. “I’m a waterfall. When I say waterfall you say shush. WATERFALL!” “SHUSH!”, “Waterfall.” “Shush.”, “waterfall.” “shush.”

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