Nothing but Nose

Pachyderm Ball or Nothing but Nose

What a year! What a sports town Saint Louis is this year. First, the Blues won the Stanley Cup! Next, STL scored a Major League Soccer team. Now the Cards look like they are playoff bound. Even the elephants at the zoo have got game.

Last week, I had my annual physical checkup. Today, Anne and I had our annual fiscal checkup. Fortunately, both checkups checked out just fine. We don’t have to stock up on cat food, at least not anytime soon. When I retired, three years ago, we looked into getting a financial planner, but the one that we spoke to was asking 1%, which is nominal for the industry. Still, at the time, I balked at the price, figuring that I could do as well and for free. In the intervening years, I’ve come to a different conclusion. I think that getting some help would be a good idea now. It just so happens that I’ve had a financial advisor all along. They are an online, super cheap (0.15%)  service that I got through my last employer. They never have cost much, but I never felt that they did all that much either. I think that has changed. Anne and I had a face-to-face meeting today, with their local representative. It was illuminating and I look forward to working together.

With our new found feeling of wealth, however illusionary that it might be, we went out to lunch. We ate at the Frisco Barroom in Webster. It’s only been open for a year. We’ve tried to dine there before, but have always been shutout. There were no problems today though. We each had sandwiches, which we both saved half, making lunch for tomorrow. Feeling virtuous, we split some key lime pie. There was some confusion on the pie order and the waiter brought us pecan pie by mistake. He ended up comping us that piece of pie. Now we have dessert too.

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