Gauguin Redux

Woman with Mangoes, Paul Gauguin, 1889

Anne had her first day off since we got back. She wasn’t scheduled to work and there were no last minute pleas for help. So, she got a day off. We both slept in and then leisurely sat around all morning, drinking two cups of coffee each. We finally got off the dime and drove to the Slammer, to see the Gauguin exhibit that leaves next week. We got caught up in the procrastinator’s end of show rush and had a hard time finding a parking spot. We also couldn’t get an immediate entry into the exhibit, but we did score immediate seating in the café and had lunch first. This Gauguin show emphasizes the breath of the different media that he worked in, but save for one painting that I used after I had first seen the show, none of his famous work is represented. He was also quite the pedophile. 

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