USS Niagara

The USS Niagara sailed by us today and I almost completely missed it. I only managed to photograph it, after it had already made the turn and was heading away. The first photo above is from today. The second one is from two years ago, when it also passed by. I had already missed the Denis Sullivan, a three master that I tracked to Whitefish Point, using a marine app. The app lists its destination as Kenosha, WI. As of writing, a third tall ship is still on its way, the Appledore V. We saw its sister ship, the Appledore II, earlier this year, when we were vacationing in Key West. Anyway, soon after the Niagara passed by, it sailed straight into a squall that was coming across Whitefish Bay, but it looks like it hunkered down and weathered the storm just fine.

I checked Wiki and apparently this Niagara is the same Niagara that fought in the War of 1812 battle of Lake Erie, over 200 years ago. In Canada that war is remembered as the War of American Aggression. In that battle, the American fleet led by Oliver Perry fought and defeated the British fleet. Perry’s original flagship became incapacitated and via a rowboat he transferred his command to the Niagara, which went on to defeat the British. In 1820 the Niagara was intentionally sunk off of Presque Isle. A century later it was resurfaced and refurbished. Subsequent refits have replaced so much of the original ship to pose the question, is this the original boat or is it a recreation? 

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