We’re home from our epic road trip. We logged 7,000+ miles of driving, through 14 states and only big ones. Now passing mile marker 700 on the 101 in California. We were traveling for almost 40 days. Staying a quarter of the time with family (Thank you very much!), a quarter in motels, but half the time tent camping. While camping, we stayed in parks, both national and state. We visited nine National Parks on this trip, saw lots of wonderful sights, reveled in nature and generally had a good time too.

Today, we’re heck bent for home, pretty much following the Missouri River, just like Lewis and Clark. We crossed the river several times. Sometimes it was on the left, sometimes the right, sometimes on both sides, even when we were not on a bridge. The Mighty Mo has gone walk-about and has left its banks far behind.

Earlier this month, I had scoped out our return route and Google hadn’t offered up I-29 through western Iowa, our most direct path. I attribute this to flooding. There were places where the water was still lapping at both shoulders. We drove a 58 mile stretch where all the exits were closed. Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise (any further), we’ll be home tonight.

But neither rain, nor snow or even flooding shall keep the orange barrels from completing their appointed rounds. Right lane is closing, merge left. Left lane is closing, merge right. Both lanes are closing, turn around and do not pass Go. Do not collect $200 dollars. Anne and I share the driving, but she seems to hog all of the construction. I guess she likes it? Go figure.

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