Sunset Bay

This morning, the sun was peeking through the redwoods, of Mill Creek Campground, when we struck camp. Driving over the hill to Crescent City and the coast, we found the fog, which followed us north into Oregon. When we broke free of the fog and the sun came out again, we stopped at Whalehead Point vista. From the top, the beach below looked inviting, complete with sea stacks, like its namesake, Whalehead. We followed some other tourists down the incredibly steep 200′ hillside and somehow made it down to the beach. It was well worth the descent and in the end, we found a longer, if safer way back to the car. We took Oregon’s coastal trail back up to the 101 and then doubled back along the highway.

As we continued north, it turned windy and cold. We stopped for lunch at a nice chowder house, where our waiter was amazed to learn that we were from Saint Louis. He originally hailed from south city. We drove about a quarter of the way up the Oregon coast and topped 4,000 miles for this road trip. The marine layer found us again tonight, so there will not be any sunset at Sunset Bay tonight.

When Anne was growing up in Ann Arbor, she saw a Greyhound bus pulling out of the old bus station on Huron. It was headed west and on its marquee read Coos Bay, its destination, which is only ten miles from here. When she saw that bus, she thought that that would be a great place to go someday. Tomorrow will be that day and she didn’t even have to take the bus.

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