Redwoods NP

Redwoods National Park

I slept in, while Anne got up and was knitting when I finally rolled out of the tent. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, then drove north, just a few miles, into Crescent City. Stopped first at the city’s visitor’s center and then the park service’s across the street. We headed next to the coast, Point St. George. A sign there said to report any archeological looting crime by calling 911. Anne didn’t appreciate my humor when I made a crack regarding my old lady and her ancient bones. We walked down to the beach, which was covered in stones and fog. It being Saturday-Saturday, we found a farmer’s market, which was dominated more with craft booths than produce. Anne got me a belt for Father’s Day. I know this, because I had to try it on for size. My old belt kept working itself loose, which led to excessive sagging. TMI? Finally, we stopped at Safeway and then headed out of town and back up into the hills, the parks and the redwoods.

Redwoods is a joint Federal and California park system. There are four or more state parks along with the Federal one, but as near as I can tell the parks service runs everything. We’re staying in the park, at Mill Creek. This area was logged in the 1920s, but the stumps from the old growth redwoods still remain. Their diameter is about the same as the length of the Prius. In many cases, these old trees have cloned themselves, with a circle of second growth trees surrounding the old stump. In the afternoon, we hiked a couple of short trails, including one that was ranger led. Heading down to the sea again, we stopped at a park beach, but it was cold and windy there, so we didn’t stay long and headed back uphill to camp. Dinner was salmon on avocado toast, a delicious change of pace from canned soup smothered in fresh veggies. Apparently, the streams around here, including the one running by our campsite are major salmon spawning areas. The Smith River is supposedly the only major river in the country that is not dammed. Tonight’s ranger talk was on wildfire. Tomorrow, on to Oregon.

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