We enjoyed a relaxing Cinco de Mayo or for you Star Wars fans, Revenge of the Fifth. Our municipality held its annual art fair and we walked to it. Joann had her booth there and was hawking her hand dyed clothes. We first met her some thirty years ago, when she came to our house. She was working Parents-as-Teachers, an ahead of its time program that counseled new parents and evaluated their young children for learning disabilities. More recently she and Anne share substitute gigs. We talked for a long time.

On the way home we said hi to a neighbor working in her garden. This soon translated into a half-hour tour of her garden, which really was lovely. Her irises dominated the garden, but she also had plenty of other flowers.

Today is Anne’s birthday and she went to work. This morning’s post featured a picture of her “celebrating” her seventeenth birthday. She is not crying, but she isn’t smiling either. She was embarrassed by her braces. Not to worry though, because in less than a year from that shot, I would walk into her life. Right? 😉

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