Natchez Trace

Melrose NHP mansion

We got on the road earlier today than yesterday. Spent the morning touring the Melrose, an antebellum Natchez mansion that is now a national park property. At 30, its builder was one of the riches men in America, a real king of cotton. Lunched downtown Natchez at the Cotton Alley Café, before heading off to the Natchez Trace. Four businessmen at the adjoining table were enjoying a power lunch. They were all connected to the Mississippi electrical grid business.

We eventually made it onto the Trace, 444 miles at ~50 MPH. It took us only a little longer to drive all the way south to Louisiana. We were hoping to score a campsite and there were plenty that were available. They were all too [g]natty for us though. Our miracle potion of vanilla extract did not live up to its hype. The bugs always asked for chocolate or strawberry first, but settled for vanilla. We bailed and snagged a hotel in Jackson, MS.

We got a late start on the Trace, but made Mile 100. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but there is lots to see, beyond the gorgeous scenery. So far, the road was repaved just last year. Combine pavement like butter, with no traffic and the pretty countryside and I could drive all day. Tomorrow though, I’ll share the wealth with Anne, she deserves her shot too.

Windsor Ruins

Speaking about not wanting to miss your shot, Aaron Burr was tried for treason out here. Sorry Hamilton fans, but he was acquitted. We detoured off the Trace to see the Windsor Ruins. The 23 pictured columns are all that is left of what was once the largest antebellum mansion. Its owner-builder died the week after it was finished, all on the eve of the Civil War, kind of prophetic, don’t ya think?

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