Heading North Again

Natchez-Vidalia Bridge

The day after our ride finished was a pretty sludgy day. After a leisurely start, we finally left Lafayette and headed east across the Atchafalaya basin. The westbound I-10 causeway was closed for the day, due to a horrible truck wreck, but we were heading east and were not affected. We stopped at the Atchafalaya visitors center and got directions for a place to go birding in the swamp. Unfortunately, we were greeted by way too much fauna of the six leg variety and turned around and ran back to the car. The fact that no one else was about, should have been a clue. We continued east, getting lost in Baton Rouge, before heading north to Natchez. Snagged a late lunch on the way, checked-in at the hotel and then toured the town. Those six-legged demons were everywhere, making every venture out of the car a trial. Returning to the hotel, we got the 411 on these bugs. We were calling them flies, but the locals call them gnats. They recommended vanilla extract, mixed with water in a spray bottle. They said that Off would not work, which we had already figured out. We’ll try this tomorrow and hope that it works, because otherwise camping on the Natchez Trace will be impossible. In the hotel, someone spilled a trail of Doritos on the carpet, which Anne the wag has dubbed the Nachos Trace.

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