Cycle Zydeco

We’re still alive! We’ve ridden two days already and have two more to go. It rained the first morning, but the weather has been fine since. We ride by day, but as you can see, there is dancing at night. The ladies were doing a line dance here and the lead guitarist jumped down to get involved. This was on the first night, where festivities were held at the site of the last legal cockfighting venue. We ate dinner in the arena. I loved the chicken pasta. The meat wasn’t that tough at all. We’ve been also eating lots of great Cajun cuisine, including catfish, crawfish and gator. Going a bit native here, I guess.

Before coming, we were concerned if we would be up to all this, but we’re having a great time and doing fine. The roads are a little rough. The pavement I mean. We were doing a bayou boat tour of the swamp today and the captain told us that in England they drive on the left side of the road. Here in Louisiana we drive on what’s left of the road.

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