Meeting of Waters

The Confluence

The last time we flew out of the Lou, I snagged this photo. We were headed east and this view is looking south or downstream. The confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers in the lower right, separated by a stab of green that is Ted Jones State Park. They are then joined by the Corps of Engineer’s barge canal on the left. In the background is Saint Louis. If you know what you are looking for, in the distance, where the Mississippi River begins to bend back to the right is the Arch. It is in profile, so it is hard to see. Below is an old header that shows a more down to earth view of the confluence. It was taken from the point, looking north or upstream, so the viewpoint is flipped. It doesn’t look like much and is not that pretty, but it is at the center of the area’s most defining features.

Old Confluence Header

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