Rain, Rain Go Away


4/21/82 – Cloudy and Cold with a late start, because of rain and TV, windy too. Fort Polk made me glad that I wasn’t in the army. Kind of a slow day, with no historical roadside markers, which we almost always stopped to read. Yesterday, at the state line, we read one that was about the Burr ferry. It was begun by Arron Burr’s brother. It served as the gateway to Texas and as a Civil War crossroads.

Leesburg County Courthouse

I took the photograph of the tank crossing, because it was unusual and while I’m not interested in being in the army, I am interested in the army. The courthouse photo was part of a series that we did of county courthouses. I’m pretty sure that Anne took the picture of the tree farm. There were a lot of them about in the Kisatchie National Forest. I guess we camped, but it doesn’t explicitly say. There were no camping or motel expenses listed. Maybe we camped for free?

One is not like the others

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