Riding the Rails

Metra Trains

Our day started with a knock and a call from, “Housekeeping!” This call at least got us up and moving. We left the room and walked a couple of blocks to the Atwood for an elegant breakfast. It is in one of the buildings that were featured in the previous day’s architectural walking tour. The restaurant is named for the architect. We finished up our four-day pas de deux in Chicago and hopped a train heading east. The train left on time, but when asked when it was expected to arrive in Ann Arbor, the conductor straight-faced told the other passenger, “I don’t like the word ‘expect’.” Another day of living life run on Amtrak time. The train ended up arriving close to on time. Jane picked us up and Harry had dinner ready. Today, is Bubs’ ninetieth and we’re in town to party!

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