Penny for Your Thoughts?

Brain Coral

You might feel cheated out of your money. I’m just saying. These days, it’s all about errands. I’m in town and trying to get things done. Yesterday morning, I spent at the Toyota dealership. The Prius needed an oil change, plus it had a recall notice. The recall was just a software update, but was designed to prevent a possible catastrophic situation. While the car was in the shop, I also got its state inspections done. Everything turned out alright and not all that expensively either. At the end, I spoke with the technician and got to regale him with all of my travels. He seemed suitably impressed. Unfortunately, I had scheduled this service, in conflict with Anne’s ever-changing teaching schedule. She ended up having to walk to school and it was quite cold out. I did pick her up though.

On the way home, I swung by Trader Joe’s and stocked up on some of their unique frozen foods. Variety and ease of preparation make them ideal meal items to accessorize my somewhat limited culinary menu. They make an ideal alternative to humdrum everyday meal planning.

Returning home, I searched for and collected the numerous documents that are necessary to re-register the car. This paper chase has always been the defining aspect of dealing with Missouri’s version of the DMV, the Department of Revenue. Because it’s all about the money baby! I am still missing one form, the registration form itself. This is because the Prius is not due for re-registration until May and it hasn’t been mailed yet, but I wanted to get the inspections done, while I had the Prius in the shop and the inspections are only good for two months. I don’t think that this will be a problem, but instead of waiting in line at the DMV, only to be shutout, I have a plan. My driver license needs to be renewed too and it can be renewed up to six months in advance. My plan is to go in for the driver license and hopefully kill two birds at once. The only catch is that they have separate lines for licenses and registration. It’s still worth a try.

I’m not done yet though. Our passports are due for renewal too. I filled out and printed the forms. I went to Walgreens for my photo, which was a good idea. I am all set now and all Anne needs is her photo and we can mail them into the State Department. Whew! There’s more, a lot more to do, but that’s enough for now. I hope that you feel that you have gotten your money’s worth?

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