Barefoot in the Snow

Barefoot in the Snow

Newly fallen snow, as yet untouched and clean. Me, barefoot, moving rapidly with toes getting cold. The paper, wrapped in plastic, lies by the curb. Couldn’t it have been thrown a little closer? Maybe, I should change my subscription to a digital only one. The other two papers that I subscribe to are digital only. Why? Because the Post’s website is that awful. So, barefoot through the snow I go. I ventured out barefoot, once more. The snow was deeper, but my footsteps were fewer. This time it was for recycling. In the afternoon, after the snow stopped, I shod myself and cleared the car and walks for tomorrow. Earlier, I heard that this was our 18th snowfall this winter, which seems like a lot. According to the person telling me this, since our first snow occurred on November 19th, we are due one more, before winter relinquishes itself. If true that would be nice.

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