Eye of the Iguana

Eye of the Iguana

We are back from vacation. Anne went to school today. Although, she was also wondering if this weekend’s expected snow will lead to no school on Monday. Things are returning to normal. I am unpacking from our trip, both physically and mentally. Not much has changed, while we were gone. The house is whole. Thank you, Joanie. It’s still cold out. Politics seemed to miss us even less than we missed it. There’s a lot to unpack there too, but not yet. I’m still on a high from our vacation and don’t want to spoil the buzz. We drove more than 3,000 miles and took almost 3,000 photos on this last trip or about one photograph per mile or one MPP. It may sound premature, but I am already planning our next trip: Oh Shenandoah, I long to see you, Away you rolling river…

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