A Fire Escape Barbecue, Erin Wengrovious, 2017

We launched from south Florida, before dawn, on a Sunday morning and drove an epic 700 miles to Atlanta, where we visited with Sam and John. The next day we all visited the Atlanta History Center, where in addition to the Swan house, the Cyclorama (a circular painting of the Civil War battle of Atlanta) and numerous other exhibits, there was also a show on that great American culinary tradition of burning meat, called barbecue, or barbeque, bar-b-que or even BBQ. I was touched by this exhibit, because the night before Sam had made the most delicious ribs dinner. My chosen picture from this show, doesn’t have that much correlation to our meal, except for the happy couple who prepared it.

While visiting, we spent most of our time just hanging out in their very lovely century old home. We shared our travel experiences, told each other stories and jokes, reminisced, looked at photos, talked politics, technology and family. The important stuff! We really appreciated their hospitality and friendship.

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