Bridge of Lions

Bridge of Lions

The Bridge of Lions is a double-leaf bascule bridge that spans the Intracoastal Waterway in St. Augustine, FL. How did we end up here? It started with the polar vortex. Anne and I decided that it was time for a getaway. We rebooted last year’s Florida vacation, with a few new tweaks.

We did a Chattanooga first night redux, but it wasn’t the same since Becca and Rey have moved to Nashville. We’ll try to catch them on the flipside. You could say It Was a Rainy Night in Georgia, except that we were a couple of miles east, still in Tennessee, but I don’t think that weather hoes that close to the state line.

On this day, we drove to St. Augustine. We had visited this “ancient” city on our last trip. I even booked the same motel, a vintage HoJo. After two days in the car, our walking tour covered much of the same ground as last year, with lots of great photo-ops. It was good to get some steps in. We dined at a Polish-Greek restaurant. Usually, these mixed ethnic dineries are the result of a cross marriage. Not in this case. Husband and wife are both Polish, but they met, married and their first-born all occurred in Greece.

On our way back to the motel, we walked through the more touristy part of the old town. We encountered a Kilwins, but it was so slammed with Michigan expats that we figured that it would be quicker to just drive to Ann Arbor. We took a walking break and sat on a bench and listened outside the Kilwins to a woman singing Elvis at a neighboring bar, Can’t Help Falling In Love.

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