The Chanin Building

Chanin Building Terra-cotta Frieze

The Chanin Building, a brick and terra-cotta skyscraper, is located at the corner of 42nd and Lexington, in Midtown Manhattan. It is designed in the art deco style. A terra-cotta frieze runs the length of the façade, presenting a dramatic collection curvy leaves. Below it is a bronze relief depicting scenes of evolution.

Chanin Building Bronze Relief

We were walking along 42nd, having just visited Grand Central station and were on our way to visit the Chrysler building. Anne first saw the Chanin building, with its details and asked me to photograph it, with the big Canon. She likes detail like this, if only because it gives her quilting ideas. Most famously, down the street, she has already made a quilt of the Chrysler building. That quilt used a representation of that building, that can be found on its lobby doors.

Today, I began doing our taxes. After a preliminary survey, it appears that unlike last year, where we itemized for the first time in years, we will be back to taking the (newly enlarged) standard deduction. This on the same day that news reports that IRS employees, who had been recalled (without pay) to process these returns, have the right to skip work under a hardship clause in their union contract. Early reports indicate that they are abandoning their desks in droves. So, this might be just an academic exercise. Any delay will be our first personal effect from this government shutdown. 

2 thoughts on “The Chanin Building

  1. i love the detail of the building. and as for the i r s, i feel for them, just as i do all federal employees at the moment. i’m having my taxes done on sunday, and it may be a wait to see the return

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