Heading West

I-80 Energy Romance, Don Stinson, 2013

With Christmas bearing down on us and then winter’s icy grip to contend with, what better time is there to begin planning next summer’s vacation then now? A preliminary survey indicates that a couple of weeks ago would have been even better. Prime national park campsites fill up six months in advance and we’re already behind schedule. Like we have for the past two summers, our plan is to head west again, with the goal of making it all the way to the coast this time.

One decision that has held up our planning is the question of whether it is better to fly-drive or just drive. We decided on the latter. We will be able to reprise some of the highlights from our previous two trips, but more importantly, we’ll be able to bring all of our gear. I’ve become rather enamored with glamping. This will mean flogging the Prius one more time, but I think that it is up to it.

Tentatively, our plan is to head west on I-70, passing through Denver and Vegas. Hit the coast at Monterey and then hug it as we head north to Seattle. We’ll return via I-90, but one of the many things still up in the air is whether we should then return home or go directly to the cabin, which would cut out quite a few miles. There is a lot of planning yet to be done and based upon on my Internet searches much of it still needs to be done soon. 

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