Sail the Park

Central Park Sailboats

Central Park’s Conservatory Water is the site for model sail boats. When we visited, only rentals were out on the water. All of the privately owned boats were up on tables in the boathouse. Laid up for the season. A conservator was busy putting them away. These more posh radio controlled models fetch thousands of dollars, which seems a lot to pay for a boat so small. You could get a real boat for that kind of money, except in New York berthing one of those would be more expensive. They must make quite the sight come regatta time though, all sailing in unison. The rentals were all being operated by children, who didn’t know what they were doing, so the boats were going every which way and often colliding. It was late afternoon when we arrived there. We had been walking all day and I was getting a little tired on my feet. Adjoining the boathouse is a little café and Anne bought us coffee, which we sipped while we watched the kids play. It was a nice little breather and gave us a much needed pick me up on a fine autumn day.

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