Da Game

Ann Arbor Diag M

Anne and I took Dan to the airport this morning at oh-dark-thirty. On Monday, we’ll do the same for Dave, except on that time, it will be more like uh-oh-dark-thirty. Such are the requirements of holiday air travel. It is difficult getting up so early anymore. One of the side effects of retirement, I guess. When we got back home, I coaxed Anne into going back to bed. We were both rewarded with residual warmth. Anne was able to fall asleep again, but I was unable to do the same. I’ll be in a daze for the rest of the day, but I should get a good night’s sleep tonight. So, I’m up for becoming a couch potato and watching the Michigan-Ohio State football game. The first half was OK, but the second was a disaster. Purdue’s sole defeat of Ohio State is looking kind of special now. 

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