Eeyores versus Heffalumps

We need to address the Heffalump in the room. – Royston Robertson

Two years in the making, this day of days has finally arrived. I’m not saying that she was any more anxious than the rest of us and just couldn’t wait, but Anne was up at 3:30  AM and was out the door an hour later. She is doing her election gig again and working these midterms as an election official, precinct captain no less. Her grueling portal-to-portal sixteen hour-long day will extend even after the polls have closed. She will still have to deliver the votes cast to be counted.

My day was a little bit more laid back. I slept in and when I thought that I had waited long enough for the morning rush-hour lines to have gone down, I walked over to the polling place. At ten, I found the longest line that I have ever encountered. It went all of the way down the hallway and then wrapped around and extended halfway back. Even with the very long ballot, the line moved quickly enough. I was only in line for twenty minutes. There were lots of voting machines available and like me, most voters must have done their homework. I saw two neighbors, Molly and Mary. All the single ladies… came out to vote.

Ours is a heavily Democratic precinct. So, a big turnout at the poll is a good thing. I suspect though that everywhere else is also enjoying a large turnout. There is really only one main partisan battle on our ballot, the one for US Senator. Incumbent Claire McCaskill (D) is running neck-and-neck with challenger Josh Hawley (R). I’m sure that Anne will be home long before any meaningful election results are announced. I’m not so sure though that she will still be awake when that happens. 

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