Many Shocking Developments

Theater of Electricity

As we set out for the day, Curio, a coffee shop that Dave recommended was our first stop. Good coffee and Liege waffles wrapped in wax paper to help keep the fingers from getting too sticky. Seating was tight, but that probably doesn’t bother Dave much, since he usually hits the place on his way to the T and work.

We eschewed the T and walked the one-stop distance across the Charles to the Boston Science Center. I’m usually leery of science centers. They’re generally too kid friendly and science lite for my tastes. But I was pleasantly surprised with Boston’s. I visited it about thirty years ago, when I worked in town for a summer at MIT. I remembered the science center’s electricity show and it didn’t disappoint. The twin tower Van De Graf generator was built at MIT for atom splitting. Paired with Tesla coils that were pulsed to create the show’s music, it was as good as I remembered. Having learned a lot more about electromagnetics in the interim certainly didn’t hurt. 

After the museum, it was one o’clock and by this point and I was feeling a wee bit peckish. After a few false starts, we ended up lunching at the Red Hat. This 100+ year-old bar is way more authentic than that Cheers stand-in. We each ordered a bread bowl of chow-dah, as our Southie waitress would say.

We headed uphill to the Statehouse and toured the capitol building. Then it was downhill into the Boston Commons, which without hundreds of Red Sox fans is a rather pleasant park. Another sinking spell led me to Starbucks and Anne to an adjoining needlepoint store. The proprietor was a very kind woman. She gave us quite a few tips of things to see and do in Boston. We walked by Trinity Church and into the main branch of the public library, which has a nice reading room.

Our tour of the Back Bay would not be complete without window shopping on Newbury. When that became too intense, we dropped down to Commonwealth and strolled down the center of that boulevard. We crossed the Charles on the Massachusetts bridge. Fireflies from the MIT sailing classes were tilting at the wind, while Harvard crew boats raced up river. We did a walk-by of MIT and visited a yarn store for Anne, dinner with Dave and then called it a night. 

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