Anthurium Fire Red

Anthurium Fire Red

Anne finished her latest long term substitute gig last week. Well, finished is a bit too presumptive. She still has report cards and parent-teacher conferences to do and then there’s the quilt, don’t forget the quilt. So, she is not quite done, but with no more classroom duties she is way ahead on the grades then all of her other teamies. It is nice to have her home again, even if her head is still in the game. 

Her school work papers litter the house and her mealtime conversation is still well rooted in the third grade, but I’ll ween her off of all that soon enough. We have a trip planned. We are going to go visit the boys. We’ll fly into La Guardia and stay with Dan at his new Crown Heights apartment. To that end, we’re hauling our sleeping bags and mini camp cots (some assembly required) for our camping trip to his living room. He now has a Brooklyn library card that should allow us entry into all of our favorite attractions. We would like to connect with Ashlan and Allen too. I think that they are in Queens now.

We’ll take the train to Boston. Dave’s lodgings are not quite so commodious as Dan’s, so we are going to Air B&B in Cambridge while there. This will be our first time trying that. We’ve both been to Boston before, but it has been years. It should be quite the adventure, with lots of new to us old stuff to see. I’ve got a little list, a very little list of way too many things to see. Both boys have to work, so we’ll have time with them and time on our own. I wonder if the Red Sox will still be playing? I wonder if we’ll get to meet Dave’s girlfriend? Eventually, we’ll fly home again from Logan.

After she has tidied up all of her loose ends, I have asked Anne not to take any jobs at the Early Childhood Center, at least until after this trip. Also-known-as plague central, by avoiding ECC, I am hoping to also avoid a repeat of a past trip to NYC. It’s been almost ten-years, but she got sick as we were flying there. She was a trooper, but it didn’t help that it was also at the height of the SARS epidemic. I can still remember the looks that she got from all those surgically masked fellow passengers. “Don’t worry folks, it’s just a cold…”

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