Isla Del Encanto

Puerto Rico Plate

Today, Donald Trump tweeted a lie that the Puerto Rican death toll from last year’s Hurricane Maria was much lower than the almost 3,000 that is now generally acknowledged. A nonpartisan study found an estimated 2,975 people died in the aftermath of Maria. He tweeted this lie as Hurricane Florence lands today along the Carolina coast. He further compounded his lie by blaming the larger death toll number on the Democrats. The man has no decency. In further news, Trump’s FEMA chief is under investigation for misusing a government car, by driving it on personal trips.

4 thoughts on “Isla Del Encanto

  1. Years ago, I was sent to southern Puerto Rico as a USAT&F athlete, representing the US in a women’s 10k there. Puerto Rican families opened their homes to host us and generously shared their knowledge and experience; I was also able to stay briefly in San Juan before returning. As a writer for our bird ezine, I covered activities to save the endangered Iguaca (Puerto Rican Amazon parrot) after the hurricane. I am just one, but I cannot be alone. At every turn my heart has broken for the callousness, mockery and dishonesty with which #45 has addressed the devastation of the storm in Puerto Rico. Where does the grief end for the evil #45 has wrought?😥😥

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