Cry Wolf!

Lamar Valley Wolf

This year on our Yellowstone, trip we saw bears, both black and grizzly, elk, bison, coyote and fox, but we did not see any wolves or saw I thought. I was pawing through our photo archives, when I found this picture. It in not a very good one, don’t bother enlarging it, it doesn’t get any better, but it does capture a black wolf.

We were in the Lamar Valley, along Slough Creek. There was already a group of people setup there that had seen the wolf. They indicated where they had last seen it and occasionally, one or another would glimpse it again as it ducked in and out of the brush. Honestly, I never did see it then, but when others said they saw it, I would shoot blind, in the hope of getting a photo. I know that it looks no better than a black blur and it could just be a burnt log, except that it is in this photograph, but not in the next one. It moved. Burnt logs don’t do that.

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