Shifting Priorities

Anne Overlooking the Lamar River, Yellowstone

Anne is subsumed these days with teaching the third grade. I am happy for her. With this opportunity she has come closer to her goal of being a “real” teacher than she has for a long time. She started at the beginning of the school year and got to frolic for a week with all of the other teachers, as they prepared for the coming academic year, sans kids. It became more stressful, when the students arrived and she began to mold them with her expectations. She works long hours every school day and still has more work that she brings home. Her conversation is dominated by all things third grade. Frankly, I am feeling a bit neglected. Gone are those heady days of summer, where the two of us explored the West. That’s OK though, it is not for forever. I can tough it out and usually, once she gets her footing in one of these gigs, she eases up just a bit. Earlier this month I heard an interview with retiring Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi, who spoke about her husband sometimes complaining of being at the bottom of her priority list. “There are two ways to look at it. You should be happy you’re on the list.”

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