Hike to Avalanche Lake

Anne in the Woods, Glacier

When we visited Glacier, it was still pretty early in the season. The Going to the Sun Road that bisects the park hadn’t opened yet. I think that the park service had finished clearing the pass of snow, but they still had to restore all of the guard rails, signage and such. The park service removes these manmade artifacts every year, otherwise winter avalanches will do it for them. When we were there, you could only drive as far as Avalanche Creek. On our first day, we hiked the road, which was open to bicyclists and pedestrians. That was the day that we saw the baby moose. The next time we drove to Avalanche Creek, we hiked along it, up to its headwaters at Avalanche Lake. On this hike, I slipped on some mud and got filthy. I was not a happy camper about that.

Avalanche Creek Moose

This whole area of the park gets its name from all of the avalanches that occur there. They happen with such force that an avalanche across the valley will blow trees down on the opposite side of the valley, but instead of just blowing them down, they actually blow them up the opposite hillside. On this second day’s hike, we saw two more moose, a mother cow and her yearling. I had stopped to take a picture of some of these fallen-up trees, when I saw the pair traipsing through the dead wood. They were photobombing my shot. They were headed up to the lake too, so I spotted them one more time further up the trail. 

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