Teton Pack Mule Team

Pack Mule Team

We were hiking in Teton on the Taggert Lake Trail, when we encountered the pictured pack team. We had just seen and photographed a colony of avocets on the lake. As good [sense] hikers we stepped off the tail and let the animals pass. We were headed in the same direction and saw them again in their coral, on our way back to the car. We found out later that they were hauling supplies up to the base camp that mountain climbers were staging from on their ascent of the Grand Teton Mountains. I count this team as one man, two horses and three mules. Only the pack-horse is hauling stuff back down the mountain, although two of the mules are wearing harnesses, which would indicate that they had hauled stuff up the mountain. The last mule is a bit of a mystery though. It doesn’t even have an empty harness on. Is it just along for the ride? Is it in training? Did it go lame? Who knows? Also on this hike, we encountered a boy scout troop. They greeted us by lining both sides of the trail, raised and crossed their hiking stick overhead and then invited us to walk through their protective arch. I wish that I had gotten a photo of that event too. 

2 thoughts on “Teton Pack Mule Team

  1. That must be so nice to see! I love hiking, but it has been 100+ degrees here in Texas. So it’s been about two weeks since I’ve been out. And even if I had, I doubt I’d come across these lovely mules 😍😍😍

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