Almost everyone that has traveled here for the wedding has departed. Bill left today and Jay leaves at uh-oh-dark-thirty tomorrow morning. After she flies out, I’ll be the youngest in the cabin. Youth wants to know!

Anne and I cooked today. She made her Moab jailhouse sourced ginger sweet-potato pancakes for lunch. For dinner, I made a roasted harissa, tofu, broccoli dish, with quinoa as a side. It was both totally vegan and used up almost all of what Becca and Rey had left behind for us. Everyone liked it. So, it must have been a success. I hope to do more of the cooking this summer.

After dinner, we met Paulette at her beach house. She graciously hosted us. She, Jay, Anne and I all commiserated together. It was great conversation. I got great pics of her milkweed fed Monarch caterpillars, which she has already posted, but I will too. She is creating the most amazing hooked rugs!

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