Birch Point Beach

Birch Point Beach – Looking Towards

Dave took these photos of the beach after taking off from Canada. I think that they both turned out pretty well. They both show the woods and the lake. The beach is about a half-mile long. The not very round island is called Round Island. You can also make out some of the cabins. The second picture has some blurriness from the jet wash, but other than that it is an excellent photograph.

I made another Canadian airport run and again deposited more relatives there. Customs was again no problem, thank God. Dave landed safely in Boston and after driving through the night, Dan got back to NYC. No more imminent departures are scheduled, which is a good thing, because we are almost out of people. It looks like it will be another fine beach day. 

Birch Point Beach – Looking Back

6 thoughts on “Birch Point Beach

  1. According to Jim (a lifetime ago), Round Island was so-named because the trees & other plant life had grown in such a way that the profile of the island looked like half a sphere. Of course, the introduction of cormorants to the area resulted in nearly complete defoliation of the island, making the name a mystery to newcomers.

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