Badlands Money Shot

Badlands Money Shot

At the end of the day, we did some sunset photography. Do you like? Also, by the end of the day there was a raging wind storm. When we got back to the campsite, the tent was half bent over from the force of the wind. The half collapsed part was my half of the tent. We pulled out the poles, just to save the tent from damage. We ate a cold dinner in the front seat of the Prius. After sunset the winds subsided enough to erect the tent again and everything was fine through the night. Up in North Dakota the weather radar showed a wall of tornado boxes sweeping across that state, so maybe I shouldn’t be complaining about just a little wind. Anyway, after we got up, the wind began to rise again and the forecast was for more strong breezes. We decided to bail and now have a hotel room in Rapid City. We packed up the tent and our sleeping gear in an ever-increasing gale. It was a challenge. We ate breakfast in the lodge. I had their Sioux fry-bread. Afterwards, we headed south to Pine Ridge Reservation and the southern half of the Badlands. We hiked Sheep Mountain Table, sort of a giant version of the more ubiquitous sod tables that dot the park. I should mention that the Badlands are unusually wet and green now. Creeks are flowing, there is standing water and when a hurricane is not blowing the mosquitos are merciless. Still, we enjoyed our visit, took lots of nice photos and now are looking forward to the Black Hills. Posting twice a day is becoming too much, so, I’ll be cutting back to one for now and sometimes it will be just a photo. 

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