Bingwa’s Bunch

Pictured are just a few of the eight cheetah cubs that were born late last year at the Saint Louis Zoo. Today, they were unveiled to the public. Go ahead and say it, “Awww.” They are cute. This morning, I arrived at the zoo’s opening and made a beeline for the cheetah’s enclosure, where a small group of people were already waiting. After about half-an-hour, the cubs were released from their building. First, the mother (Bingwa) came out, followed shortly by one and then two of the cubs and then in a rush all eight came out. They ran around in the weeds, chasing each other and exploring until after about fifteen minutes they seemed to notice the watching crowd of humans. It was only then that I got the pictured partial group shots. Never were all eight of the cubs together, a normal litter is four cubs. I was lucky to get these shots, because soon they had gotten themselves muddy. Their Swahili names are Moja, Mbili, Tatu, Nne, Tano, Sita, Saba and Nane, which mean one through eight respectively. These eight cubs join an alumni of fifty cheetahs that have been born at the Saint Louis Zoo. 

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