Grimmest Dark

US Coast Guard Helicopter

We did some helicopter parenting today and called Dan and Dave for an update. This week, Dan returned from Maine and his film shoot there and is now back in Brooklyn. Meanwhile, when we reached Dave he was in Portland for a wedding, a changing of the guard in Maine.

Dave is still researching up a storm at Harvard, where things are going much better than before. This is partly due to a shift in his research’s thrust. He is still working with bunnies and cochlear implants, but instead of examining the lack of spatial acuity with double implants, he is now looking at installing the implants in rabbits as hearing augmentation, instead of hearing replacement. 

Dan told us all about his movie making experiences, much of which I cannot relate here. He complained about the weather there. Maine is cold in winter. Who knew? It will be at least a year before the movie is released. He is about to restart work as one of Santa’s little helpers, making the new Macy’s windows for this Christmas. He is also planning on launching a Kickstarter campaign to recoup his Glow Forge investment. Grimmest Dark is his Instagram page that features Warhammer 40K terrain that he plans to sell. 

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    • His going into Harvard hypothesis was based on people who received two implants couldn’t tell sound direction as well as a normal hearing person. That proved too difficult to research.

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